봄날은 간다

One Fine Spring Day

Korea | 2001 | 113min | Color | Drama

Program Note

The Most Precious Work on My Filmography


If I had to pick one person who has had the greatest influence on my life, that would be director Hur Jin-ho. For better or for worse, he completely changed my life; I began my career in film music thanks to him, and found much success through my work with him. His films on my filmography are all precious to me—Christmas in August (1998), One Fine Spring Day (2001), April Snow (2005), ​Happiness (2007), Dangerous Liaisons (2012), and Forbidden Dream (2019). But if I had to pick one of them as my favorite, One Fine Spring Day would be it.


The main theme “One Fine Spring Day” came to me out of nowhere one day, and I completed it in just 5 minutes. Now it represents what I consider as the most ideal creative experience. For a long time, I had agonized over how to convey through music a sense of longing for all disappearing things, as well as my own specific experiences.


Somewhere along this kind of process, music may suddenly pop up, and music created by inspiration results in universal resonance. One Fine Spring Day brought me many other opportunities—some of them abroad. I gained confidence that my music could communicate with the wider world, and resolved to pursue my own musical style and sensibilities. (CHO Sung-woo)

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1963년 전주 출생. 연세대 철학과를 졸업하고 영화아카데미에 입학하여 단편 <고철을 위하여>를 만들었다. <8월의 크리스마스>로 데뷔하여 세련된 화법과 형식미로 신파조 멜로를 뛰어넘었다는 극찬을 받았다. <봄날은 간다>(2001), <외출>(2005), <행복>(2007), <호우시절>(2009), <덕혜옹주>(2016) 등의 연출작이 있다.

: 차승재
: 유지태, 이영애
: 신준호, 류장하, 이숙연, 허진호
: 김형구
: 김현
: 조성우
: 고토우 노부치카