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Keyboard Fantasies: The Beverly Glenn-Copeland Story

United Kingdom | 2019 | Asian | 63min | DCP | Color | Documentary

Program Note

Beverly Glenn-Copeland is an all-round artist that cannot be defined as a category. It isn't just because of his history ranging over an extensive music from folk music, jazz, and classical music to electronic music (his electronic album [Keyboard Fantasies] recorded in 1986 was reissued in 2010s), but also because his artistic world is just like his life. He spent his childhood as an African-American in the turbulent times of the black human rights movement, and faced his identity as a lesbian in college and later as a transgender.


He never abandons the spirit of adventure, which crosses the genre and explores new sounds “to be himself,” and the curiosity that keeps him in touch with the younger generation. The film stares at the world of “possibilities” that he has walked through. (NAM Da-eun)

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포지 딕슨

3년 전 스카이프를 통해 글렌과의 우정을 쌓아갈 때 기록에 대한 포지 딕슨 감독의 개인적인 열정에서 시작되었던 일이 그녀의 첫 장편영화로 이어졌다. 내밀한 개인의 역사를 공동으로 만들어낸 경험은 아카이브와 청각적 기록물들, 그리고 세대 간의 교류에 대한 감독의 관심을 증폭시켜주었다.

: Liv Proctor
: Beverly Glenn-Copeland
: Lee Burnett, Kevin A. Fraser, Morgan K. Spencer
: Tim Beeston
: Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Jeremy Costello, Chris JP Franks
: John Cohen, Rob Szeliga