사랑 (사이) 깍두기

Love (between) Pickle

Korea | 2020 | World | 76min | DCP | Color, B&W | Documentary

Program Note

It is impossible to sum up the film in a single word. It could be a film about the process of the sharing uneven but sustained energy, as the colleagues from various art circles observes each other's work and participate in their work together.


The “friends,” who film, act, perform music, and draw pictures, give off their energy in all of its scenes. The scenes refuse to be developed as linear narratives, appearing everywhere in the movie, conflicting and connecting with each other, like a stream of consciousness or a sudden artistic inspiration. The film, with a blurring boundary between inside and outside, is sometimes a play and sometimes a serious reflection. (NAM Da-eun)

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박세영은 한예종 영상원 영화과를 졸업한 후 미술원 조형예술과에 재학 중이다. 단편 <캐쉬백>(2019)은 미쟝센 단편영화제 편집상 수상, 대구단편영화제에서 경쟁 부문에서 상영되었다. <사랑 (사이) 깍두기>는 장편 데뷔작이다.

: 박세영
: 박세영
: 함석영, 박재이, 김오키
: 박세영