레드 엘비스 - 동독의 딘 리드

The Red Elvis

| 2007 | 90min | 35mm | COLOR


On June 17th, 1986, a man’s body is pulled out of a lake in East Germany. It turns out to be legendary pop icon during the Cold War, Dean Reed. Born in Colorado and moved to Hollywood to become an actor, Dean Reed began his career in the entertainment business when he released a record album. His visit to South America on a publicity tour for his album drew him to Socialism when he experienced the Pinochet coup d’état which overturned Chile’s Allende government. Unable to stay in South American, he left for East Germany where he fell in love with a German woman. Settling down in East Germany, he actively promoted Socialism and became a problem to the US government. As Rock star, cowboy and Socialist, Reed was truly a super star in Eastern Europe and South America, starring in 18 films, releasing 13 music albums and performing in over 32 countries. Is there a truth behind his suicide guised as a simple‘tragic accident’? Reed’s life which has been in a long period of preparation by Hollywood star, Tom Hanks for a screen adaptation still remains as a controversial subject. (Chun Jin-su)  

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레오폴드 그륀

1968년 독일 드레스덴에서 태어난 레오폴드 그륀은 미디어 학자로 일하기도 했으며 베를린에서 사회학과 매체 컨설팅을 공부했다. 2001년 이후 매체 비평가와 프리랜서 다큐멘터리 감독으로 활동하고 있다. 2002년부터 <레드 엘비스 - 동독의 딘 리드>의 자료조사를 시작하여 2007년 작품을 완성했다.​

: Thomas Janze
: Chucho Fernandez Isabel Allende Peter Boyles Egon Krenz
: Leopold Grün
: Thomas Janze
: Dirk Uhlig
: Monomango
: Nils Hofmann