지난 여름에 생긴 일

Beck's Last Summer

Germany | 2015 | 99min | DCP | COLOR | Drama | Rock


Rauli is an outsider in his school until his music teacher Beck discovers his outstanding musical talent: he plays the guitar and is a gifted singer. Beck is willing to manage and promote Rauli. There is the young waitress Lena, trying to find a balance between her tender feelings for Beck and making her own living, Rauli’s mysterious family background, Anna Lind – the incarnation of the erotic teenage queen for every teacher and pupil, and Beck’s only friend Charlie – the gigantic African-German philosopher. All of them are on a journey to their inner selves but things are not always as expected. 

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프리더 비티치

프리더 비티치는 1974년 독일 슈투트가르트에서 태어나 뮌헨 대학에서 촬영을 공부했고 슈투트가르트의 SAT.1과 란데스 스튜디오에서 촬영 조감독으로 활동했다.
: Jens Oberwetter, Jakob Claussen, Uli Plitz
: Frieder Wittich, Oliver Ziegenbalg
: Christian Rein
: Marty Schenk
: Tobias Jundt