신주쿠 지골로

Moonlight in Tokyo

홍콩 | 2005 | 95min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Forsaken by his family on a trip to Tokyo with nary a penny in his pocket, an intellectually impaired June with a heart of gold thinks he has found his guardian angel when he bumps into a former classmate, Hoi. But Hoi is no angel at all. He is just a grifter on the run from the Yakuza loan sharks. Little does he anticipate he will be duped into moonlighting as an escort to eke out a living for the both of them.

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알란 막, 펠릭스 총

알란 막은 홍콩 ‘시티 엔터테인먼트’가 선정한 젊은 유망감독 10인에 선정된 바 있는 각본과 연출을 겸하는 다재다능한 감독으로 특히 유위강 감독과 공동으로 연출하고 역시 각본에도 참여한 <무간도> 시리즈, <이니셜 D>로 유명해졌다.