프란시스코의 두 아들

Two Sons of Francisco

브라질 | 2005 | 119min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Based on the true story of Brazilian country music duo Zeze Di Camargo & Luciano, the film portrays Francisco, a poor tenant farmer in the hinterlands of Goias, and his dream of turning two of his nine children into famous country musicians. He places his hope in his first son, Mirosmar, giving him an accordion at the age of 11. Mirosmar and his brother Emival, who gets a guitar, **begin** to perform successfully in county fairs and festivals. That is until the early 70’s, when the family is forced off the land and move to the state capital of Goiania. To help the family make ends meet, the two boys perform at the local bus station. There, they meet Miranda, a country music agent, who takes them on a four-month road tour. The boys are already making a hit and have sung for 6 thousand people across the hinterlands of Brazil when an accident brings a dramatic halt to the duo’s career.

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브레노 실베이라

프랑스 파리의 루이 뤼미에르 고등국립 영화학교(Ecole Louis Lumiere Vaugirard)에서 촬영을 전공한 뒤 여러 편의 극영화와 다큐멘터리의 촬영감독을 역임하고 브라질에서 다수의 TV 프로그램과 뮤직비디오, 광고를 연출하며 호평을 받았다. <프란시스코의 두 아들>은 그의 장편 데뷔작이다.