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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Check It Out, Yo!
Japan | 2006 | 117min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Okinawa Prefecture, famous for its unique cultural mixture of the East and the West against a backdrop of unsurpassed natural beauty, is the heart of Japanese pop music scene; Okinawa is where Amuro Namie, Da Pump, Orange Range and Kiroro all hail from. Saturated with the blues of the skies and seas, captures the waning summer days of Toru, Yui, Akira and Tetsuo, high school seniors who happen to become enthralled by rap music. After seeing the up-and-coming band ‘Workaholic’, Toru and his friends start their own band named 098, after the area code for Okinawa. The band gets a break when they are asked to open up for Workaholic’s upcoming concert but their stage debut is an utter disaster. And when Toru seems only obssessed with Nagisa, an older girl, Yui feels her heart crumble. Imbued with comedy, innocence and vivid youth, this coming of age film delights in the charismatic presence of such actors like Ichihara Hayato from and Inoue Mao from the TV series . The original score by Orange Range, a popular Okinawan band, the beautiful landscapes and traditional tunes of Okinawa cannot be missed. The original title -- ‘Chekeraccho!’ -- is the Japanese pronunciation of ‘Check it out, Yo!’ one of the classic vocal taglines in rap music.

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Miyamoto Rieko

Having a feature debut with , Miyamoto is known as the director for a number of TV series such as <101-Kai Me No Puropozu>, and .

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