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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

The Fox Family
Korea | 2006 | 104min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


In Korean films, the musical has been adopted only partially with a few scenes of dancing and singing. However, adopts musical genre more earnestly, telling most of its story through songs. A fox family ? father, son and two daughters ? comes to the city. A nine-tailed fox can become a human being if it eats the liver of a human being on a certain day that only comes around once in a thousand years. The big day is only a month away, and the family is coming to the city to secure human livers. They open up a circus in a secluded area and gather human beings under the pretense of recruitment. But the people applying to their circus are various, like an old lady, an ill person, and a suicidal person ? whom the fox family has trouble keeping alive until the day. Moreover, a brutal serial murder case occurs in the city and the detective suspects the fox family. Each and every member of the fox family is unique and eccentric. People around the family are all bizarre and far from normal. Something is bound to go wrong in the family’s attempt to become human. Throughout these comical settings, the film mixes elements of gothic gloom, sex and the grotesque. The film also makes an ambitious attempt to convey the characters’ personality and story through the 8 songs they sing. (Lim Bum)

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Lee Hyung-gon

Born in 1969 in Korea, Lee majored in Visual Communication Design in Hongik University and graduated from the Korean National University of Arts (School of Film, TV and Multimedia). The potential of Lee has already been demonstrated in his direction of the short film (competition, Clermont-Ferrand Int''l Short Film Festival) and the images he **create**d in the music video of . is his feature debut.

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