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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Highway Star
Korea | 2007 | 114min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Bong Dal-ho sings at a small town club with his rock band. Despite being not so popular, he never lets go of his dream of being a rock star. One day, Jang, a label executive offers a recording contract to Dal-ho. Abandoning his friends in hopes of making the big time, Dal-ho comes to Seoul but is disappointed to find out that Jang’s label only produces Trot music. Jang insists Dal-ho has an innate talent for Trot and although Dal-ho is reluctant to sing Trot songs, he has no other choice but to stay. As time goes on, he is drawn to the joys and sorrows of Trot singers and finally agrees to sings Trot music on national television. However, out of shame and embarrassment, he goes on stage wearing a mask under the name ‘Masked Bong-pil’. This performance brings him fame yet his mask brings many troubles. The film takes advantage of the youngsters'' prejudice that Trot music is old-fashioned. In the film, ‘dowdiness’ is considered ‘commonness’ and this develops into sincerity without vanity, through which the hero discovers devotion and love for one woman. The film pays homage to Trot music by cleverly capturing the essence of pop culture as something dowdy and common yet, for this very reason, sincere. As Jang says in the film; “Trot is the heart and the tears of common people.” (Lim Bum)

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Kim Sang-chan, Kim Hyun-soo

Kim Sang-Chan graduated from Dongguk Univ. in 1997. His senior project, , was chosen by the Korean Kodak Eastman Scholarship Foundation and this became the starting point of his cinematic career. After graduating from Hosei Univ. in Japan, Kim Hyun-soo flew over to the States and majored in Film & TV at New York University. Since graduation, he has been working on a global scale directing various programs with Nippon Television Network Corporation, Brookline Access Television, and NextNext Entertainment. is their co-directed film debut.

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