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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Midnight Ballad of Ghost Theat
Korea | 2006 | 120min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


So-dan comes to the Ghost Theater to search for her grandma who disappeared while at the movies. The run-down Ghost Theater, which was built during the Japanese colonial period, is showing a double feature; a horror called A Cursed Wreck and an erotic film, One night on Laps. In this theater that transcends time, four employees turn into ghosts at night. They work as ‘normal’ employees by day looking extremely bored, but when night falls, they dress up and enjoy dance and music. However, the theater owner isolates himself in his room and constantly tries suicide. So-dan becomes friends with these ghosts and finds herself a job at the box office. Soon she discovers that these ghosts were actors who shot a film with her grandma 60 years ago and the owner was the director of the film. Midnight Ballad of Ghost Theater is a musical fantasy made on a low budget of US$800 000; a rare breed in the Korean film industry where both musicals and fantasies are scarce. In this Tim Burton-esque film, ghosts living in a grotesque place give off humor and warmth with rock opera style songs that have a distinctive pitch and rhythm. The b&w silent film-within-a-film, Minos the Bull-headed Man, which was made 60 years earlier is an old-fashioned adaptation of the Minotaur story in Greek mythology. Various hybrid motifs and icons are well-blended to give the film a classical catharsis induced by a fantastic story. Moreover, the choreography and music supplement the film exceptionally well, culminating in an achievement unprecedented in Korean musical films. (Lim Bum)

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Jeon Gye-Soo

Born in 1972. B.A. in Philosophy from Sogang Univ. Jeon wrote scenarios and plays while working in Japan. He graduated from Hankyoreh Film School and was assistant director of (2003). His short films are: (2001), (2002). (2006) is his feature film debut.

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