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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Radio Star
Korea | 2006 | 115min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


‘Uncompromising passion’, which is often said to be the spirit of rock, is the basis of music and of life. Radio Star is a story of two men, a forgotten rocker and his manager, who are likely to meet in the small world of the Korean rock scene that never had its heyday, yet never changed so much either. Choi Gon, once a super star in the late 80s, is on a downhill path, having spent time behind bars charged with assault and smoking marihuana. The only place he is wanted now is a countryside cafe. Nevertheless, Park Min-soo, who had shaped Gon’s career from the beginning, sticks beside him for over 20 years. Gon is ordered to go to a remote country town to host a radio show and Min-soo accompanies him. Staying in a motel room together, they get to know the locals and begin to air these people’s petty but sometimes touching stories. The show becomes a huge hit and word travels to Seoul where a big record company offers Gon a recording contract. But there is a catch: Min-soo cannot be with Gon. The duo, hanging together all the time, look childish and silly at times. But when their bond functions on an uncompromising basis, the film expands from a story of two outcasts into a story to which we all can relate. In a sense, the duo resemble the history of Korean rock which has stayed with us all along, frail yet uncompromising. Korean rock songs from all generations ? from Shin Jung-hyun to No Brain ? shine through this film. (Lim Bum)

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Lee Jun-ik

Lee Jun-ik has been working in the Korean film industry since 1987. He established his own production company, CineWorld, after directing hit comedy Kid Cop. He has since produced diverse and popular set of films ranging from The Spy, The Anarchists to Let’s Play Dharma. In 2005, he made his directorial comeback with the landmark film King and the Clown, which became a huge success, scoring over 12 million admissions in Korea. His filmography includes Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield (2003), Radio Star (2006) and The Happy Life (2007).

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