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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

200 Pounds Beauty
Korea | 2007 | 120min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


It was decades ago when The Buggles sang “Video Killed the Radio Star.” It is now common knowledge that being able to sing well is not enough to be a singer. Despite her heavenly voice, Hanna can never be more than a ghost-vocalist for beautiful pop sensation Ammy, because she weighs more than 90kg and is deemed unattractive. To earn her living, she even works part-time taking phone-sex calls from lonely men at night. She has a secret crush on Han Sang-jun, a music producer, who has acknowledged her singing talent and been kind to her. But when she gets humiliated in front of Sang-jun at his birthday party, Hanna makes a life-altering decision to get head-to-toe plastic surgery from her phone-sex-regular cosmetic surgeon, in exchange for the recorded tapes of their phone calls together. Thanks to the surgery, now Hanna is a slender beauty and delighted to receive totally different treatment from men who do not recognize her old self. She debuts as a singer with her own - though surgically changed ? face under a pseudonym. Instead of directly criticizing lookism, this film uses mild satire. While approving the desire to become beautiful even through cosmetic surgery, it cheerfully structures a story of a ‘plastic surgery’ Cinderella. Its featured songs, such as ‘Maria’ performed by actress Kim Ah-jung and ‘Stand by Me’, give life to the film and make it trendy. (Lim Bum)

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Kim Yong-hwa

Born in 1971, director Kim Yong-hwa majored in Film Directing at ChungAng University. In 2000, he made his graduation short film . The film was invited to international film festivals such as Rochester International Film Festival and Houston International film Festival, where he won prizes. He made his feature debut with the box office hit in 2003.

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