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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Indonesia | 2006 | 110min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Bandung is the third largest city in Indonesia; with 27 universities, Bandung is the epicenter for many young musicians who pursue their dreams of stardom. Set against the vibrancy of Bandung, < Garasi> is a film about the dreams and loves of three restless youngsters who form a band together. Gaia, Aga and Awan have only one goal in their lives: to play music. They start their band, produce their own mini-album and distribute it with the support of a local music store. Soon, the album makes them local heroes. But despite the maturity of their music, they are young and still searching for their true identities. When the band becomes popular, their friendship is put to the test and the media scrutiny forces them to grapple with who they are and how much they really love their music. < Garasi> is an ambitious music film presented by Miles Film which showcases the unique directorial vision of filmmaker Riri Riza of < Sherina’s Adventure>, < Eliana, Eliana> and < Gie>. The cast was selected for both their musical and acting abilities and actually formed a band for the film. The vividness of the images draws the eyes, while the music tantalizes the ears.

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Agung Sentausa

Agung Sentausa, born in 1974, is a graduate from the University of Parahiyangan. Starting his career as assistant director, he moved on to make music videos for Indonesian popular music. < Garasi> is his feature directorial debut.

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