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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

France | 2006 | 103min | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Life is full of irony. Blue birds are said to stay near you but they are nowhere to be found, and what you believe is often betrayed. For this reason, people always wish to leave for new lands and new chances, and in some cases they actually do so. < Transylvania>, the final installment in Tony Gatlif''s gypsy trilogy which includes < Exiles> and < Swing>, is a story about people who are destined to wander. With the music, cinematography and narrative structure in perfect harmony, the film shows Gatlif''s affection to the nomadic culture he himself actually sprang from. The film focuses on the people who refuse to settle down because of the demands of desire, freedom or survival. The unmanipulated images are stunning, and the gypsy music soars to match the passion, excitement and sorrow of the tale. Superb performances by Asia Argento and Birol nel are unforgettable. The breathtaking score, arranged by Gatlif himself, will charm audiences; the gypsy dance music in the opening sequence capture hearts, as well as play an integral role in the storytelling. < Transylvania> is a must-see film for serious music film lovers. (Lee Ji-seon)

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Tony Gatlif

Born in Algiers 1948, Tony Gatlif left Algeria at the turn of the 1960s. Since he directed his first film < La Tete en ruine>(1975), his main subject of interest have been the Gypsies, their roots, history and traditions. His awards records are: Un Certain Regard Award (Cannes) for < Latcho Drom>(1993), Best Actress (Locarno) for < Gadjo Dilo>(1997), Best Director(Cannes) for < Exils>(2004). < Transylvania> was the closing film for 2006 Cannes.

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