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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Korea | 2007 | 96min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


< Bunt> portrays the lives of 11-year-old Dong-gu who has an IQ of 60 and his father Jin-gyu who runs a small fried chicken restaurant. The father and son are happy with their simple life. Although the only thing Dong-gu does at school is to pour water into the cups of his classmates, school is the best place for him; his father, whose ultimate dream is to see Dong-gu''s graduation, is happy just to see his son attend school. However, when the school tries to send Dong-gu to a special institute, the father and son panic. After Jin-gyu finds out that any member of the school''s short-handed baseball team automatically gets to stay at school, Dong-gu starts playing baseball. < Bunt>, the first feature by Park-gyu Tae best known as the scriptwriter of < Hi, Dharma!>, takes a tender-hearted look at two protagonists who struggle with difficulties but ultimately find strength in their ''father-son relationship'', a recent focus of Korean films these days. The film doesn''t get bogged down in cloying heaviness or the clich s of heroism. Occurrences around the father and son pair revive our faith in the humanity of everyday life, although life itself can sometimes betrays us. The film pays honor to these small but true triumphs, just as Dong-gu and Jin-gyu appreciate the miracle of the bunt more than any homerun. (Jin Park)

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Park Gyu-tae

Known as the scriptwriter of < Baby Sale>(1997), < The Great Chef>(1999) and < Hi, Dharma>(2001), Director Park Gyu-tae takes on the helm as director for the first time with < Bunt>. In this touching family drama, he makes us think again about the value of family and love.

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