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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Kidz in da Hood
Sweden | 2006 | 96min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


< Kidz in Da Hood> is the longtime pet project of Ylva Gustavsson, who believed music was underappreciated in Swedish cinema and was inspired by the musical shenanigans of her own kids and friends. As a former musician, her passion for music can be seen in every shot of the film. Her indignation about the plight of refugee children, a deeply felt emotion that sprang up after she met a Somalian girl, motivates the story. This dream project was realized through a fruitful collaboration with Catti Edfeldt who started acting at the age of 10. Amina, a young girl from Somalia, moved to Sweden with her grandfather three years ago. Amina has not yet received her residency permit and everything comes to a head when her grandfather dies before her permit is issued. She''s in temporary hiding with the pierced and tattooed rocker Johan. The free-spirited Mirre lives on the same floor as Amina and together they begin fighting for Amina to stay in Sweden. All the characters are music lovers: Johan is a rock musician, Pecka loves tango, Mirre and Anima enjoy hip hop. Gustaf Skarsgard, a leading Swedish heartthrob who stars as Johan, learned to play guitar for the role. Making her screen debut is Jennifer Brown, as Janet who falls in love with Johan -- Brown is a national pop star in Sweden with 4 hit albums since her debut in 1993. The film was screened at the generation selection of 2007 Berlin and won 5 awards including best picture at Swedish Film Award.

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Ylva Gustavsson, Catti Edfeldt

Ylva Gustavsson Gustavsson, born in 1963, Sweden, loves musicals and thinks Swedish movies have too little music. < Kidz in da Hood> is her first feature-length movie and it’s always been a given that there would be plenty of music and singing in the film. Catti Edfeldt Edfeldt, born in 1950, Sweden, has lived and worked with movies since she was ten years old, first as a child actress, later as an assistant director, then casting and directing. Her direction credits include < Sixten>(1994), - for which she was nominated for the Swedish Film Award Guldbaggen as Best Director - and < Eva & Adam>.

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