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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Piccolo and Saxo
France | 2006 | 80min | 35mm | COLOR | Animation | Musical


On the planet Music, the sudden disappearance of Treble, Bass and Alto keys causes distress. As chaos breaks out among the agitated instruments, each instrument plays solo with nobody listening to the grand orchestra. Piccolo, a woodwind, and his best friend Saxo, a brass instrument, decide to search for the missing keys and set out a journey with Do. The friends are unaware of an evil doctor''s plot to make the ideal instrument. Can they succeed in their mission for the perfect harmony? 3D animated film < Piccolo and Saxo> is based on the best-selling musical children''s story and helps familiarize children with music through the use of anthropomorphized instruments. Director Marco Villamizar, who switched to 3D after training as a graphic designer, has built his reputation on several innovative 3D commercial works. After making his first short animation < Ici> and working on < Piccolo and Sax> since 2003, he finally made his feature debut in 2006. An animation made for all generations that also serves as an entertaining educational music primer for children.

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Marco Villamizar

Born in 1966, Bogota, Columbia. French/Columbian Marco Villamizar majored in Graphic Design and moved to 3D animation. His first short animation < Ici>(1999) was invited to Festival Imagina 2000. He was responsible for 3D in commercials for Peugeot, Ducati, Perrier, Lacoste etc. He had prepared his first feature-length 3D animation < Piccolo & Saxo> with Production Millimages and Haut et Court for over 4 years and completed it in 2006.

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