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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Robot Taekwon V
Korea | 1976 | 76min | 35mm | COLOR | Animation | Musical


Dr. Kaff, a world-famous physicist, plans to destroy the world on the account of his hatred that stems from a Napoleon complex. A former colleague, Dr. Kim, tries to fight against Dr. Kaff but dies, leaveing Robot Taekwon V to his son Hoon, a world champion of Taekwondo. Now, Hoon and Taekwon V have to fight together against the evil ''''Red Empire'''' in a desperate bid for world peace. < Robot Taekwon V>, the legendary Korean animation, set records during its theatrical release 31 years ago. However, the film was at risk of vanishing when the original prints went missing on its way to the American market in 1981. Miraculously found by chance and digitally re-mastered, < Robot Taekwon V> rejuvenates childhood memories for adults while offering a rare encounter with the origins of Korean animation to the younger generations. The vivid characters and imaginative plot remain enjoyable despite the heavyhanded anti-Communist ideology (inevitable for nearly all Korean films in the 1970s.) Viewers who grew up in the 70s will find it difficult to stay unmoved during this re**union** between animated heroes and very human fans with each note of the main theme song a step back into time. Choi Ho-seob, the son of the theme''''s composer, recorded the song for this 2006 re-mastered version.

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Kim Chung-gi

Born in 1941, Korea. Kim’s < Robot Taekwon V> of 1976 is considered one of the milestones of Korean animation of the 1970s. With actor Shim Hyung-rae he **create**d the Ureme series, one of the most popular Korean children''s series of the late 1980s. He now teaches students at a college and received the Life Achievement award at Seoul Int''l Cartoon & Animation Festival 2004.

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