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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Honey and Clover
Japan | 2006 | 115min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Takemoto, a naive and shy boy, and Mayama, who has a crush on a woman who is older than him, are art college students and share the same apartment. They meet Hagumi, niece of Professor Hanamoto and a painting genius. Takemoto instantly falls in love with Hagu but is too timid to reveal his feelings to her. Meanwhile Ayumi secretly loves Mayama who is in love with someone else. One day, eccentric yet brilliant Morita returns from a trip, and the love triangles between these five youngsters get complicated. Based on the hit comic series, the story may be a cliche of youth love but director Masahiro, trained through commercials and music videos, lifts the film out of the banal with his skilled directing and fresh looks. Music director Kanno Yoko’s bright and simple music plays an important role in the storytelling of the film. The theme song ‘Magic Words’ by the famous band Spitz was also popular.

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Takada Masahiro

Born in 1964. Starting as a planner and producer at a Commercial film production in 1989, Takada Masahiro has created a number of commercial films. He has been awarded many times in Japan and abroad for his talent to make cheerful and cute images and unusual ability to capture characters’ feelings in just 15 seconds. As a superb image creator in Japanese CF, he also made several unique music videos for SMAP, L'Arc En Ciel and YUKI.

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