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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Japan | 2005 | 103min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


17-year-old Yu lives with her sister whose lover died six months ago. Yu falls for Yosuke, who plays the same lines over and over on his guitar near a floodgate. Yu finds herself humming the song when alone. They are within reach of each other yet fear hinders them from opening up to each other or saying “I love you.” Then an unexpected accident involving Yu’s sister estranges them. 17 years later, Yosuke, now a record company salesman and Yu, also an employee of a music producing company, meet again. Will they say “I love you” at last? Ishikawa Hiroshi, who helmed < Tokyo Sora>, still shows his sensitive and delicate directing in this film. As much as the extremely minimal lines and beautifully shot images are impressive, so is the song ‘Blue Sky’ that captures the feelings of the characters. Music director Kanno Yoko creates a minimal score following the film’s silence, which reminds us of a saying of a pianist, “Without silence, there is no music.”

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Ishikawa Hiroshi

Ishikawa Hiroshi joined TYO, a commercial production company, in 1990, where he directed many commercials. He often works as his own scriptwriter, cinematographer and editor as well as director. in 2002, he made < Tokyo, Sora> (2002), his feature directorial debut. < Su-Ki-Da>(2005) is his second feature film.

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