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Africa Unite

미국 | 2008 | 89min | Documentary | Musical


‘Africa Unite’is a song in Bob Marley’s album, ‘Survival’, released in 1979, and it calls for Africa to be united. Bob Marley was a faithful believer in Rastafari, a religion that combines Ethiopian native religion and Christianity. Born in Jamaica and a descendant of Africans who were forced to migrate, he valued Africa, especially Ethiopia, as the root for his mind and body. In that sense, his remains were exhumed and buried again in a Rastafari cemetery in Ethiopia in 2005, and in February during the same year in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a festival was held to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Bob Marley’s birth with his friends and families including his wife, Rita Marley. The festival was called‘ Africa Unite’. At this festival, which deserves to be called African‘Woodstock’, over 300 thousand followers, musicians and activists gathered and paid tribute to the spirit of Bob Marley, the Reggae hero, through a massive, 12 hour-long concert. The director of this film, Stephanie Black, once again revives the lessons from Bob Marley, not only through the highlights of the concert focusing on Bob Marley’s masterpieces but also through documentary footages of the painful history Africa had to go through during the 20th century, and discussions and interviews. (Chun Jin-su) 

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스테파니 블랙

스테파니 블랙은 뉴욕대학에서 영화연구 마스터 프로그램을 수강했다. 그녀의 다큐멘터리 데뷔작 <H-2 워커>(1990)는 선댄스 영화제에서 1990년에 최우수 다큐멘터리와 최우수 촬영상을 수상했고, 여러 영화제에서 상영되었다. 블랙은 많은 TV 프로그램과 뮤직 비디오를 연출했다.​