밥 말리 - 엑소더스 77

Bob Marley: Exodus 77

영국 | 2007 | 93min | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


Bob Marley’s 1977 album,‘Exodus’is a masterpiece containing ten songs including, ‘Jamming’,‘ Waiting in Vain’, and ‘Exodus’, and was selected as ‘The Album of the 20th Century’by Time Magazine. Although Bob Marley who put Reggae on the worldwide map and spoke of freedom and peace in his lyrics, has left this world 27 years ago, he is still to this day, remembered not just as a musician but a symbol of resistance culture. The co-producer of Martin Scorsese’s No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, documentary filmmaker for England’s BBC, Anthony Wall introduces the power and impact of Marley’s work by presenting big historical events that occurred in 1977 along with Marley’s activities categorized by the month, that took place. And by showing the lyrics of Marley’s songs in text, he effectively conveys the messages Bob Marley professed through this album. (Chun Jin-su) 

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앤소니 월

앤소니 월은 1979년부터 영국 BBC의 예술 프로그램인‘아레나’의 주요 감독 및 편집자로 일하고 있다. ‘아레나’는 영국 아카데미상 및 이탈리아상, 에미상, 왕립 텔레비전 협회와 같은 주요 방송제에서 여러 차례 수상한 TV 프로그램이다. 그는 마틴 스콜세지가 감독한 <노 디렉션 홈: 밥 딜런>(2005)을 공동 제작하기도 했다.​