헤어 - 그 40년의 역사

Hair: Let the Sun Shine In

프랑스, 미국 | 2007 | 55min | Documentary | Musical


In 1968, the yet to be famous theatre actor, James Rado, Gerome Ragni and composer, Galt MacDermot in opposition to racism and the Vietnam War created, the musical, Hair dealing with sexual liberation and love. But never did they imagine this creation of theirs would become a world famous piece with unforgettable scores including, ‘The Age of Aquarius’and ‘Let the Sun Shine In’. The musical gradually spread nationwide as a culture resisting against America’s mainstream, and subsequently made great social and political impact. With its daring exposure and radical approaches to issues, the musical always became the center of controversy while facing crisis after losing several cast members to AIDS. But casting star performers such as Diane Keaton and Donna Summer, the musical survived and as it had done in 1968, continues to tackle radical issues to this day. From diverse angles, this films explores the forty years of Hair which has become social phenomenon, showing rare footage and performances, the 1979 film adaptation directed by Milos Forman and various interviews from actors, cast and crew. (Chun Jin-su) 

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폴라 라파포트

1956년 미국 위스콘신 출신으로 뉴욕 대학교 티쉬 예술학교에서 공부했고, TV와 다큐멘터리를 넘나들며 연출, 극본, 편집, 사운드 등 다양한 방면에서 활동하고 있다. 연출한 작품으로는 <부서진 고기>(1990), <가려진 빛>(1998)와 자신의 가족에 대한 다큐멘터리인 <가족의 비밀>(2000), 에로틱 소설‘Story of O’를 둘러싼 이야기를 다룬 <O작가 이야기>(2004)등이 있다.​
: Sylvie Cazin
: James Rado Galt MacDermot Milos Forman Keith Carradine
: Pola Rapaport
: Wolfgang Held
: Yen LeVan
: Galt MacDermot
: Myriam René