원 맨 밴드

One Man in the Band

영국 | 2008 | 83min | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


If the expression‘, one man band’, often recalled a shabby tone-deaf street artist with a drum on their back and cymbals attached to their knees, it now refers to musicians who create the most diverse and dynamic music. This documentary follows a‘one’man or woman band who works in Europe and US. Such artists who worked on films including Man From Uranus, Ninki V and Honkeyfinger have every reason to be this ‘one man in the band’as it may be that they cannot find a drummer, or they simply want to create more raw and vibrant tunes. Whatever the case is, the common ground is they have a passion in music that enables them to stand on their own. Their music achievements also shine through the inventions of innovative musical instruments from Theremin Rock, a musical instrument born in the 1920’s USSR, Hornicator, an instrument made of parts from a phonograph to an accompaniment instrument made from bicycle tires, there are quite a number of instruments that create unique sounds. Perhaps the‘one man band’is a musical expression that truly represents a modern society becoming more and more individualized. (Chun Jin-su) 

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아담 클리더로

1971년 런던 출생. 여행 프로그램 카메라맨이 되기 전에는 16mm 작업을 두루 했고, 영국 어 린이TV에서 감독상을 수상하기도 했다. <원 맨 밴드>는 그의 첫 장편 다큐멘터리이다. 실제 원 맨 밴드 출신 영화인으로서 원 맨 밴드에 관한 영화를 만드는 것이 비록 고단한 작업이었 지만 최상의 기획이 아닐 수 없었다. 
: Adam Clitheroe
: Duracell Dennis Hopper Choppers Honkeyfinger Man from Uranus
: Adam Clitheroe
: Adam Clitheroe
: Duracell Dennis Hopper Choppers Honkeyfinger Man from Uranus Ninki V Thomas Truax The Two Tears
: Adam Clitheroe