노래 혼 - 연어합창단의 하모니

Sing, Salmon, Sing!

일본 | 2008 | 120min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama | Musical


Set in Hokkaido, Kazumi is the lead soprano in her high school’s chorus who is quite proud of her voice. When her secret crush, the Student Council chair, Makimura shows her a photo, she is seized with shock. Rather than the image of her singing with a silly face, it was his comment“, you look like a salmon laying eggs”that left her in despair. She decides to quit the chorus. But when she hooks up with Gondo and the Yunokawa Academy High chorus he led, and experiences their passion in music despite their delinquent exterior, she acquires a deeper understanding of herself. High school dramas are popular long-running items in Japan including the latest hit, Swing Girls and Linda, Linda, Linda and Hula Girls which all present high school girls as their main characters. Director, Tanaka Makoto’s Sing, Salmon, Sing! too follows this path, but if Swing Girls deals with a girls’high school jazz band and Hula Girls with a hula dance group in a mining town during the 1960s, this film moves the stage to a high school choral competition. Kazumi is played by upcoming star, Kaho who is actually an 18 year old who is in high school herself. She became familiar to the Korean audience with her role as an innocent country girl in Yamashita Nobuhiro’s A Gentle Breeze in the Village. In Sing, Salmon, Sing! she gives a superb performance as a prim, perfectionist teenager. (Chung Woochung) 

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타나카 마코토

1960년 도쿄출생. 대학 재학 중에 <스시가게의 로마노프>(1983)를 연출했으며 졸업 후 프리랜서 영상 디렉터로서 음악 프로그램이나 버라이어티 프로그램 등을 연출했다. 스즈키 세이준 감독의<피스톨 오페라>(2001)에서 어시스턴트 프로듀서, 키리야 카즈아키 감독의<캐샨>(2004) 에서 어소시에이트 프로듀서로 일했다. 각본도 겸한 <다나카 히로시의 모든 것>(2004)으로 감독 데뷔했으며 연출작으로는 <비의 마을>(2005), <아줌마칩스>(2006)가 있다. 
: Arishige Yoichi Noma Kiyoe Kawakami Tatsuo
: Kaho Gori Yakushimaru Hiroko Tomosaka Rie Hazama Kanpei
: Kurihara Hiromitsu Tanaka Makoto
: Suzuki Kazuhiro
Art director
: Production Designer
: Ohnaga Masahiro
: Hayashi Yosuke
: Iwakura Masayuki