기타의 장인, 플립 씨피오

Talking Guitars

네덜란드 | 2007 | 72min | HD | COLOR | Documentary | Musical


In January, 2007, a Taiwanese TV show titled‘One Million Stars’was launched for the first time. As the largest talent audition program in Taiwanese TV history, this reality show promised the winner a record company contract and a cash award of USD 30,000. The show was no different from any other‘star search’ competition, but once it began, it raised such sensation. The viewers were deeply touched by each participant’s sincerity, and as the show progressed, the fan base soared along with astonishing passion towards the show. Most of all, the show gathered emotionally detached family members together in front of the TV and offered them opportunities to talk with each other with the help of its various dramatic moments such as the young participants’passionate performances, joy and sorrow of winners and losers and their families cheering them from their hometown as they watched TV. By capturing the participants’on-stage performances as well as offstage realities and their personal lives, the film presents a wonderful drama of young Taiwanese who strive to become a star. (Chun Jin-su) 

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클레어 페이만

암스테르담 영화학교에서 촬영을 전공한 클레어 페이만은 다수의 영화에서 촬영을 맡았다. 작품으로 라스 폰 트리에 감독의 <어둠 속의 댄서>의 메이킹 다큐멘터리 <달 위의 걸음>을 비롯, <아버지는 사진을 찍으신다>(1996) 등이 있다. <기타의 장인, 플립 씨피오>는 그녀의 두 번째 장편 다큐멘터리이다. 제8회 제천국제음악영화제의 심사위원을 맡기도 했다.
: Sven Sauer
: Flip Scipio Ben Taylor Band Jackson Brown David Lindley
: Claire Pijman
: Danniel Danniel Claire Pijman Katharina Wartena
: Ludo Keeris Mike Primmer Rik Meier