강아지와 나의 열 가지 약속

10 Promises to my Dog

일본 | 2008 | 117min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Fourteen year old girl, Akari, lives in Hakodate, Hokkaido. When her good-natured mother who never would forget to put on a happy face is suddenly hospitalized with cancer, she gives Akari a puppy which becomes her companion as Akari has to tend the house alone. She names the dog,‘ socks’as its white paws seemed like it was wearing them. One day, Akari’s mother tells her to make ten promises to the puppy and soon afterwards passes away. To make matters worse, Akari’s father who is a doctor has to move to Sapporo while her boyfriend, Susumu leaves for France to pursue his classic guitar training. Father’s job banned all pets from living in the employees’residence, but seeing how lonely Akari was, father decides to give up his well-paying job. Time passes and Susumu returns from his studies abroad while Akari too graduates from college and leaves for a job at a zoo located in a city far from home.‘Socks’is now old and facing death, but no before he plays a bridge role between Akari and Susumu falling in love. The moving story of a girl and her loyal dog friend is brought to life by the delicate direction of Motoki Katsuhide who is famous for Kitaro and the beautiful tunes made by Korean film music composer, Cho Sung-woo. (Chun Jin-su) 

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모토키 카츠히데

1963년 생. 와세다 대학 졸업 후 모토키는 1987년 쇼치쿠사에 입사하여 키노시타 케이즈케 등 여러 감독들의 조감독을 거친 후 미국에서 1년간 공부하기도 했다. 1997년 <테나몬야 상사>로 데뷔한 후 쇼치쿠사의 전통 있는 코미디 <낚시바보 일지>시리즈를 연출했다. 2007년 <키타로>로 큰 성공을 거두었다.
: Yoshida Shigeaki Fukushima Daisuke
: Tanaka Lena Kase Ryo Fukuda Mayuko Ikewaki Chizuru
: Sawamoto Yoshimitsu Kawaguchi Hare
: Fujisawa Junichi
Art director
: Nishimura Takashi
: Kawase Isao
: Cho Sung-woo