헤이마 - 시규어 로스


아이슬랜드 | 2007 | 97min | HD | COLOR | Documentary


The summer of 2006, Sigur Rós, upon ending its world wide tour, the band returned to their hometown and opened several unannounced concerts free of charge in several locations. An old fan of the band and Academy award-winning director of Lilo & Stitch, Dean DeBlois captures their music journey as he follows them with his camera for two weeks. The film scans various locations from gigantic fish storages that are no longer used these days, small parks with no name and farms to villages wiped out underwater by reckless dam constructions, truly exploring the meaning of the film’s Icelandic title, Heima meaning ‘at home’. In addition, the film offers a key to the band’s music secrets as it introduces their daily routines, music practice and interviews explaining their impressions of their concerts, and how they develop their music. But it is the breathtakingly moving experience of their sophisticated and mystical sound combined with the excellent natural Icelandic landscapes, and monumental concert scenes that make Heima stand out from other music documentary masterpieces. This film will be showcased for the first time in HD in Korea. (Chun Jin-su) 

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캐나다 출신의 각본가, 감독 및 제작자로 <뮬란>의 스토리 총책임자를 맡았으며 아카데미상 후보작인 디즈니의 <릴로와 스티치>, 드림웍스의 <드래곤 길들이기>의 감독, 각본 및 제작에 참여했다. 2007년 <헤이마 - 시규어 로스>를 감독했다.
: Dean O’connor Hohn Best
: Sigur Rós
: Magni Agustsson
: Nick Fenton
: Bjarki Sigursson