메이드 인 자메이카

Made in Jamaica

프랑스, 미국 | 2006 | 110min | 35mm | COLOR | Documentary


Jamaica may be a small country almost one-fifth the size of Korea with a population under 2.6 million, but it is considered the Holy Land of Reggae represented by Bob Marley. It was during the 1960s that this small nation which existed as a British colony and the center of slave trade for over 300 years attracted attention for its music. However, violence still prevails in the streets at night due to illegal drug trafficking and the unstable political situation. Even during the film shoot of this documentary, a famous dance hall singer Bogle was killed by gunshot. Amongst all this violence and poverty, the Jamaicans have music to ease their pains, and this light this film explores the past and present of Jamaican music. The testimonies of artists from old school reggae such as the 2005 Grammy Award winner and a frequent guest at the Rolling Stones concerts, Toots, and a good friend of Bob Marley who performed together in their band‘, The Wailers’since 1963, Bunny Wailer, to dance hall artists who have received worldwide acclaim with their sensual dance and rhythm such as Bounty Killer and Elephant Man, all explain what music means to the Jamaican people. The film also presents a rich array of extraordinary Jamaican music such as Bunny Wailer’s rendition of ‘No Woman No Cry ’which he sings in commemoration of his friends, Marley and Peter Tosh who have long passed away. (Chun Jin-su) 

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제롬 라페루자즈

제롬 라페루자즈는 장 비고 상을 받았고, 아카데미 후보에도 올랐던 <대륙의 서커스>, 칸 영화제에 초청된 <제3세계-거리의 포로>, 트리에스테 영화제 그랑프리를 수상한 <휴먼> 등으로 명성을 떨친 바 있고, 광고 분야에서도 많은 활동을 하는 감독이다. 자메이카와 그의 인연은 25년 전 장편 <제3세계-거리의 포로>를 연출하면서 시작되었고, <메이드 인 자메이카>를통해 모든 세대에 걸친 자메이카 예술가들로부터 진솔한 이야기를 이끌어냈다.​
: Pascal Herold
: Toots Lady Saw Elephant Man Bunny Wailer
: Jérôme Laperrousaz
: Jean Marie Dreujou
: Delphine Desfons
: Various Artists
: Francois Domerc Jean Pierre Fenie Jean Marc Bidaubayle