청춘의 십자로

Turning Point of the Youngster

한국 | 1934 | 70min | Drama


Yeong-bok sets off for Seoul, leaving behind his aged mother and younger sister to keep home. He gets a job as a luggage carrier when he meets Kye-soon, a struggling young woman who barely manages to support her sick father and younger brother. After Yeong-bok’s mother passes away, his sister, Yeong-ok leaves home in search of Yeong-bok only to become a waitress and to make matters worse, lose her virginity to Gae-cheol. Tragedy also hits Kye-soon who falls prey to Gae-cheol while looking for a job. Eventually learning about Yeong-ok and Kye-soon’s misfortune, he goes after Gae-cheol and his gang in pursuit for justice. This 1934 piece directed by Ahn Jong-hwa preserves the techniques of the silent film at a time when Korean cinema was in transition from the silent cinema to sound cinema. 

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1902년 1월 21일 서울 출생. 배우, 감독, 시나리오 등 다방면에서 활동했다. 초기에는 연극과 신극 운동을 펼치기도 했고 1924년 조선 키네마 주식회사에 입사하며 영화계에 입문한다. 대표작으로는 <꽃장사>(1930), <고향>(1928), <노래하는 시절>(1930),<청춘의 십자로>(1934), <은하에 흐르는 정열>(1935), <역습>(1936), <인생항로>(1937), <수우>(1937), <나라를 위하여>(1949), <천추의 한>(1956), <사도세자>(1956), <춘향전>(1958), <견우직녀>(1960)등이 있다. 6·25 전쟁 후 공보처 영화과장을 역임하고 서라벌 예술학교에서 후진을 양성하기도 했다.
: Lee Hyung-won
: Lee Won-yong Sin Il-seon Park Ho Kim Yeon-sil
: Ahn Jong-hwa
: Lee Myung-woo
: Ahn Jong-hwa