할리우드로 가는 지름길

Short Cut to Hollywood

독일 | 2009 | 95min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


The world is in search of a superstar again and again! Who hasn’t, at least once in their lifetime, dreamt of success and fame? At least until recently, nobody wanted to listen to a singer who can’t even sing. No one, up until not too long ago, wanted to photograph people walking down the red carpet without any of us able to say what they’re doing – throughout the rest of the day. But times have changed. Form won out over content. And it’s true that taboos are meant to be broken – especially when someone wants to become the center of attention. Anything undignified, or voyeuristic, either works. And people like to watch this. That’s what they, who put these things on TV, tell us. And since we consume quite a bit from these heroes of our time, we are starting to run low on taboos and heroes by now. But where do we draw the line or have we already crossed it long ago? We wanted to make a film that connects this feeling of ‘o-m-g, how retarded is this idea – stop!’ with that ‘but first I want to see how it ends’ curiosity. We wanted to show that great aspiration that somehow lies dormant in each of us – the hope that our lives have a lasting effect. Also our three guys have this incredible idea that they hope will help them reach their goal. And that’s where, at least for us, things start to get interesting. – Director’s Statement 

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얀 헨릭 슈탈베르크

1970년 출생한 얀 헨릭 슈탈베르크는 1992년부터 2년간 루트 폰 제르보니와 연극을 공부했다. 연극배우로 활동하던 슈탈베르크는 <사이언스 픽션>(2002)으로 영화 첫 주연을 맡았다. 이 후 공동각본까지 담당했던 <조용한 쥐>(2003)을 통해 연기자로 인정받았으며, 2005년 <바이 바이 베를루스코니!>로 감독으로도 데뷔했다.​

마르쿠스 미테마이어

마르쿠스 미테마이어는 1969년 독일에서 출생했으며 TV 탤런트로 유명해졌다. TV를 거쳐 연극 무대에서도 배우로 활동하던 그는 1998년 부크너의 연극을 연출하며 연극 연출가로 데뷔한다. 이후 <조용한 쥐>로 장편 감독으로 데뷔했으며, <할리우드로 가는 지름길>은 얀 헨릭 슈탈베르크와의 두 번째 합작품이다.
: Marcos Kantis Martin Lehwald Philipp Kreuzer Matthias Esche Marcus Mittermeier Jan Henrik Stahlberg
: Jan Henrik Stahlberg Marcus Mittermeier
: Jan Henrik Stahlberg
: David Hofmann
Art director
: Peter Naguib Peter Dank
: Sarah Clara Weber
: Rainer Oleak