구차 - 열정의 트럼펫


영국 | 2006 | 72min | COLOR | Documentary


If you enjoyed the opening scenes of the 1992 Cannes film festival Palme d’Or winner Underground, then you will love this documentary. Gucˇa - Serbia’s most famous provincial music festival - is finally brought to life in this brilliantly executed documentary. But the real magic lies in the host of eccentric and entertaining locals who appear throughout: belly dancers, comic barbers and an extremely bizarre family on a hill. Gucˇa is the name of a small village in Serbia which for over 40 years has been home to the national trumpet festival. 200,000 people invade the sleepy village of Gucˇa for a week of music, drinking, dancing, and utter madness - all to the sound of Serbian/Roma gypsy trumpet bands, competing against one another like wild-eyed Mexicans in a standoff.
Milivoj Ilic’s account of the place, the people and the competitors is as exuberant, joyous and noisy as the festival itself. The film captures the brilliance and the machismo of the performances at a festival where young men do battle with brass bands. The film follows two young players, the main rivals for the coveted ‘Golden Trumpet’, both of whom learnt as boys from fathers who have also competed in a country where mastering traditional playing is still held in high esteem. You’ll never look at a trumpet the same way again. ​

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밀리보 질릭

밀리보 질릭은 버진 애틀랜틱과 계약한 음악가이기도 하며, 설치 미술 연출가로도 활동하고 있다. 주류와 의류 등을 위한 다수의 TV 광고를 제작하는 등 광고업계에서 명성을 떨치다가 2005년, Red Earth Studio의 동료들인 세스 테라노바와 애덤 다커의 권유로 구차 트럼펫 축제에 대한 다큐멘터리를 만들기로 의기투합하여 이 작품을 연출하게 되었다.
: Ces Terranova Julien Mignonac Milivoj Ilic
: Nikola Stojic Veljko Ostojic Dejan Petrovic
: Adam Docker
: Anja Siemens
: Dejan Petrovic Veljko Ostojic Boban Markovic