슬로바키아, 독일 | 2008 | 99min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Not far away from a small town, a few yards from the border line with a hostile capitalistic country, starts a funny and a bit black story about a chap who hoped that music will help him get on a sunny side of life. It is also a story about his friends, peers, desires and dreams about freedom in the 1970s and ‘80s Czechoslovakia in a very short and well guarded supply. A young man feels a gnawing frustration with his life. He is manipulated by his wife’s family and his thick co-workers; he is being brought down by the dullness of his daily life. This existential feeling gets even stronger when he hears good jazz music; when he feels that this is exactly what he yearns for, what he would be good at if it wasn’t for that frontier and the iron curtain there. At the same time his conviction grows that only music can help him to get out of the marasmus in which is up to his neck. A fatal request of his wife causes that he show his musical skill in public. A man who knows how to pull the strings looks him up. He knows how to help him and how to take advantage of his skill. But as it often happens, not everything turns out the way he wishes and his desires and passions bring him in a tangle of difficult and unpleasant situations. But he gains incredible experience and finds the freedom he was longing for, although not where he was looking for This tragicomic story takes place in the 1980s. In the meantime the political situation changed dramatically. The degree of political freedom, freedom of expression, movement and respect for human rights diametrically differs from what it used to be in communism, but the degree of inner freedom that can be reached only through self-understanding, through knowing one’s own self, is surprisingly similar if not identical.  

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쥬라즌 보타

1954년생. 브라티슬라바 공연예술아카데미에서 연극을 공부한 그는 연극, 영화, TV를 오가며 연출가 겸 배우로 활동하고 있다. 1977년부터 여러 극단에서 수많은 작품을 연출했으며 모교인 브라티슬라바 공연예술아카데미의 연극원에서 교수로 재직 중이다. 시나리오와 연출을 맡은 영화 <예수의 팔>로 2004년 모스크바영화제에서 남우주연상을 수상했고 <뮤지카>로 2007년 슬로바키아영화아카데미 작품상, 감독상, 각본상, 남우주연상, 음악상을 수상했다.
: Marian Urban
: Lubosˇ Kostelny‘ Tán˘a Pauhofová Dorota Láberová
: Ondrej Sˇulaj
: Alexander Sˇurkala
Art director
: Peter Cˇanecky
: Alois Fisˇárek
: Róbert Mankovecky
: Tom Korr Robert Dufek