디트로이트 메탈시티

Detroit Metal City

일본 | 2008 | 103min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Detroit Metal City is based on Wakasugi Kiminori’s hugely popular Japanese manga series of the same name. Negishi is a timid and sensitive music geek who moves from the Japanese countryside to Tokyo to succeed as a pop musician. He keeps singing his own sugary love ballads and tries to make his dream come true. But life does not turn out the way Negishi had hoped for. He is forced to make a debut as the lead singer and guitarist of notorious metal band Detroit Metal City (DMC) by the female C.E.O of record company who is a big fan of death metal. Wearing ghostly demon costumes and makeup, Negishi storms the stage each night as Johannes Klauser Ⅱ. One day, Negishi runs into his college crush, the adorable Ms. Aikawa, who is now a magazine pop critic. Ms. Aikawa, who likes listening to Negishi’s love ballads, hates DMC because of its filthy lyrics in songs about murder and rape. Therefore, Negishi has to live with extreme caution to keep his secret not to disappoint her. To make matters worse, DMC is challenged to a duel by world-renowned death metal vocalist Jack IL Dark (played by Gene Simmons of KISS) on the stage. 

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리 토시오

1990년대부터 톤네루즈, 타모리, 다운타운, SMAP등의 버라이어티 프로그램의 연출가로서 활약해오던 리 토시오는 이후 <미소녀 H>, <기묘한 이야기> 등 드라마에 이어 2004년 영화 <내 아버지의 배경>으로 감독 데뷔한다. 뛰어난 연출력과 함께 웃음과 감동, 현대적인 센스를 동시에 보여주는 감독이다.
: Yûka Higuchi
: Matsuyama Kenichi Kato Rosa Gene Simmons
: Omori Mika
: Nakayama Koichi
Art director
: Nakayama Norifumi
: Taguchi Takuya
: Hattori Takayuki
: Kori Hiromichi