인도 | 2006 | 161min | COLOR | Drama


‘Vivah’ is marriage, an institution that binds two individuals into a sacred, pure and eternal bond. The film Vivah portrays the story of Poonam, an upper middle class girl who lives in the small town of Madhupur. Although lost her parents very young, she grows up as a beautiful woman and gets to meet with a fine man Prem. Having met through an arranged date, however, Prem and Poonam discover their soul mate in each other. But just when everything was set for them to get married, a crisis puts the love of Prem and Poonam through a trial by fire.
“For me Vivah is going back to my roots... a return to innocence and simplicity. As my 5th film, it has been my most satisfying one. This film is not just about dances and functions that one associates with Indian marriages but explores the special right that a boy and girl give to each other before they unite for ‘Vivah’. In spite of coming from different sensibilities, each cares for the other in their own little ways. A person who was a complete stranger to you sometime back is now sensitive to you more than anyone. Suddenly we become more important to somebody else; what we eat, wear is more important to somebody else than ourselves. Vivah touches the ‘courtship’ period in a couple’s life which we all experience as magical... These exceptional moments of the courtship period shape up in a beautiful romance that we cherish for a lifetime.” - Director’s Statement ​

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수라즈 바자티아

뭄바이 출신인 수라즈 바자티아는 살만 칸이 주연을 맡은 첫 연출작인 (1989)로 박스 오피스에서 큰 성공을 거두었다. 1994년 살만 칸과 다시 함께 뭉친 은 박스 오피스 기록을 경신하는 메가 히트작이 되었고, 뒤이은 작품인 또한 작품성으로 높은 평가를 받는다. 네 번째 영화인
의 흥행 실패로 다소 주춤했지만 최신작 <비바>(2006)로 다시 흥행 감독의 반열에 복귀한다.
: Ajit Kumar Barjatya Kamal Kumar Barjatya Rajikumar Barjatya
: Sahid Kapur Amrita Rao Anupam Kher
: Sooraj R. Barjatya Aas Karan Atal
: Harish Joshi
: V.N. Mayekar
: Ravindra Jain