무형문화재 82호를 찾아서

Intangible Asset Number 82

호주 | 2008 | 90min | HD | Documentary


Simon Baker is a highly respected Australian musician internationally renowned for his jazz drumming. Seven years ago, Simon heard a recording that would change his life. Hearing an immense energy and complex technique, Simon knew immediately he was listening to one of the world’s great improvisers. He discovered the musician is Kim Seok-Chul, an esteemed Korean hereditary shaman, unbelievably already in his seventies at the time of the recording. Simon commits to find and learn from the enigmatic shaman. Officially designated as Intangible Asset Number 82, Kim Seok-Chul was living a hard life in the wilds of the eastern Korean seaboard, occasionally appearing for villagers to perform rituals for a bumper fishing harvest or to settle restless souls of the dead. With the conviction that he must find and learn from the enigmatic shaman, Simon begins a committed search. As an outsider, Simon stands little chance of ever being granted access, but he is not deterred. After seven years of setbacks and obstacles, and with the shaman now in his eighties, Simon’s commitment has intensified and he returns to Korea for the seventeenth time. Imbued with a sense of destiny, the journey becomes a rite of passage, as Simon has transformative encounters with the engaging and exotic characters who will eventually lead him to the shaman.
Simon’s philosophical search for the tools of self-expression provides intimate access to the processes of a creative musician. Simon and the artists who have become immersed in his journey discover their growing influence on each other and move naturally towards collaboration. A true testimony to the universal language of music and its power to transform players and audience alike. ​

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엠마 프란츠

시각 예술 및 행위 예술을 전공한 엠마 프란츠는 Warner Chappell 소속의 가수 겸 작곡가로 3개의 앨범을 내며 다양한 공연 활동을 펼친 17년 경력의 재즈 가수이며, 1998년에는 호주 국립 재즈상의 최종 결선까지 진출한 바 있다. 극영화와 단편, 장편 다큐멘터리 영화 등 다양 한 작업을 해 온 프란츠는 2005년 자신의 제작사인 In The Sprocket Productions을 설립하고 왕성한 제작 활동을 해오고 있다. <무형문화재 82호를 찾아서>는 엠마 프란츠의 첫 연출작이다.
: Emma Franz
: Simon Barker Kim Seok-Chul Kim Dong-won
: Emma Franz
: Emma Franz
: Daniel Kerr
: Simon Barker Showa44 Band of five names Daorum
: Matthew Ferris Michael Gissing Andrew Mcgrath