모던 보이

Modern Boy

한국 | 2008 | 121min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Living at the high end of the upper class and working at the secretariat in the colonial Japanese government, Lee Hae-myung is a modern boy who is absorbed in enjoying romanticism and love with the times behind him. One day, he goes to a secret clubhouse with his best friend Shinsuke, a Japanese prosecutor in the colonial government, and meets Cho Nan-shil, a dancer. It is love at first sight. Hae-myung decides to bet his entire life on her. Hae-myung uses any and all means possible and eventually succeeds in starting an ideal relationship with Nan-shil. While he falls completely head over heels for her, Nan-shil unexpectedly steals everything in his house and disappears without a trace. On top of that, the innocent looking lunchbox that Nan-shil carefully packs for Hae-myung ends up being a bomb that explodes inside the government building Hae-myung works in, putting him in grave danger.
Unable to overcome his shock, confusion, longing, and anger towards Nan-shil, Hae-myung combs Kyung-sung searching for her. He later finds out that she is a very enigmatic woman with several names, several different jobs — even several different men. When he hears a rumor that she has a husband named Terror Park, Haemyung becomes engulfed in jealousy and rage. With the help of a private detective named Baek Sang-huh, he finds a clue to Nan-shil’s whereabouts and races over to find her. 1937, Kyung-sung. A deadly chase, unpredictable happenings... What else is in store for Hae-myung in the uncontrollable whirlwind of the times? ​

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한양대학교 연극영화과를 졸업한 후, 장산곶매와 청년 등의 독립영화집단에서 사회 참여 운동으로서 영화를 시작했다. 단편 연출작인 <시로>(1994)와 <생강>(1996)이 국내 단편영화제에서 좋은 성적을 거두면서 주목을 받았고, <해피엔드>를 연출하며 장편 감독으로 데뷔했다. 2005년 인권위원회의 프로젝트 영화 <다섯 개의 시선> 중 한 에피소드를 연출했으며 두 번째 장편 <사랑니>를 만들었다. <모던 보이>는 정지우 감독의 세 번째 장편 연출작이다. 
: Kwak Sin-ae
: Park Hae-il Kim Hye-soo Lee Han
: Jung Ji-woo
: Kim Tae-kyeong
: Lee Jae-jin