반드시 크게 들을 것

Turn It Up to 11

한국 | 2009 | 93min | COLOR | Documentary


Incheon, a city once called ‘the Cradle of Heavy Metal’ is now a vapid city, a barren ground for rock music. At the center of a motel-filled avenue in this city, a quaint live club named ‘Ruby Salon’ opens. And the star bands of the club, ‘Galaxy Express’ and ‘Tobacco Juice’, move on to fill up ‘Hong Dae’ Street known as the Mecca of Indie music, and also the entire rock ‘n’ roll music scene of Korea. And this wild documentary is the record of that new legend. Ruby Salon is one of the emerging independent music labels founded by Lee Gyu-young, a veteran musician who started his music career in the mid-1990’s when the ‘Hongdae’ indie music scene had just started. For private reasons, he quit his band and got other jobs, and then went on to found Ruby Salon to produce records of his own one-man band named ‘The Hi-Lites’ in 2005. Based at a live club in Incheon, Ruby Salon has been producing and distributing records and presenting concerts of bands such as Galaxy Express – a band that earned their fame by the quality of their concerts rather than any publicity, a punk rock band named Nureongyi, and the Moonshiners led by Cha Seung-woo, the ex-No Brain guitarist. The music of the bands represented by Ruby Salon is diverse; pop, electronic, and bossa nova. Known for his unique documentary style with wild images and a daring imagination, director Baek Seung-hwa, also a drummer for Tabacco Juice, one of Ruby Salon’s bands, intends for this documentary to challenge the prejudices of Korean music professionals and audience preconceptions about indie bands. 

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계원예술대학 애니메이션과 졸업. 스토리보드 작가와 드러머로 활동해오다 지금은 주로 음악 관련 영화와 다큐멘터리를 찍고 있다. 전작 <반드시 크게 들을 것>(2009)은 제5회 제천국제음악영화제에서 상영되었다.​
: Lee Kyu-young An Sung-min
: Captin Rock (Narration) Ruby Salon Galaxy Express Tobacco Juice
: Baek Seung-hwa
: Baek Seung-hwa Kim Hyun-jong Kim Young-min
: Baek Seung-hwa
: Galaxy Express Tobacco Juice
: Lee Jae-hoon