호로비츠를 위하여

For Horowitz

한국 | 2005 | 108min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Although she wanted to be a great pianist like Vladimir Horowitz, Kim Ji-su makes her living as a piano teacher of a small piano academy in the outskirts because of her poor talent. On the day she moved to the academy, she met this strange boy Kyung-min and found that he is a genius who has the sense of absolute pitch. Eager to be famous as a good teacher, she trained Kyung-min so hard to win the contest. However, Kyung-min could not play on the stage which desperately discouraged Ji-su. Finally Kyung-min started to play the piano again and Ji-su decided to let him go abroad being adopted for his future. After several years, Kyung-min came back to Korea as a famous pianist and played Traumerei of Schumann for Ji-su. For Horowitz is a rare music film made in Korea and the feature debut of Kwon Hyung-jin. Lee Byung-woo, who is also a friend of director’s, took charge of the music and showed exquisite work of combining original scores with the classical music of Schumann, Mozart, Debussy, and so on. In the last scene, Piano Concerto No.2 of Rachmaninoff played by the pianist Kim Jeong-won, who is the guest star of the film, makes the film more compelling.

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1964년 태어나 동국대학교 대학원에서 영화를 공부했다. 대학 시절부터 단편영화 작업을 했고, 1989년 유영진 감독의 <물의 나라>를 시작으로 강우석, 유하 감독의 조감독을 거쳤다. 다수의 CF 및 뮤직비디오를 연출하고 2001년 인터넷 영화 < MOB2025>를 만들었으며 2005년 만든 <호로비츠를 위하여>는 그의 감독 데뷔작이다.