뮤직 네버 스탑

The Music Never Stopped

미국 | 2011 | 104min | 35mm | COLOR | Drama


Father and son seem to have opposite opinions in everything, musical tastes as well as politics and the war in Vietnam. Tired of arguing with his father Henry, son Gabriel leaves home. The film opens nearly two decades later, when Henry and his wife Helen gets a phone call from the hospital informing them that their son had been found wandering the streets of New York City. Gabriel has a brain tumor that has caused extensive brain damage, and needs immediate surgery. After his operation, it is discovered that the tumor damaged the part of Gabriel’s brain that creates new memories. For Gabriel, past, present and future are indistinguishable, and he still lives in the era of Vietnam and psychedelic music. Determined not to let their son slip away from them again, Henry and wife Helen vow to connect with Gabriel, who is barely able to communicate effectively. Unhappy with Gabriel’s progress, Henry researches brain injuries, which leads him to Dr. Diane Daly. She is a music therapist who has made progress with victims of brain tumors using music.
As Diane works more with Gabriel, she realizes that he seems to respond actively to the music of the psychedelic era – the Beatles, Bob Dylan and particularly the Grateful Dead. This music has a remarkable effect on Gabriel. Through this music, he is able to have conversations and express himself, all the while unaware that the era of his music has long gone. Henry can’t stand rock and roll – but he is determined to forge some memories and a new relationship with his son. As he learns the songs that animate his son’s soul, he indeed begins to form a most unusual but emotionally vibrant bond with the child he thought he had lost.​

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짐 콜버그

독립영화 제작자인 짐 콜버그는 마이클 리스폴리 감독의 <두 가족>, 멜리사 레오와 로빈 튜니의 <런어웨이>, 진 스마트의 <영원히 멋진> 그리고 공산주의자로 할리우드 블랙리스트에 올랐던 전설적인 각본가 달튼 트럼보의 생애를 다룬 다큐멘터리 <트럼보>를 제작해 내셔널 프리뷰의 표현의 자유상을 받았다. 최근에 그는 다이아나 갈바드론의 원작 [아웃랜더]를 영화화 하는 중이며, 에센셜 픽쳐스와 여덟 개의 다른 프로젝트를 진행하고 있다. 감독과 제작에 앞서 그는 [캐칭 미], [어니스트 헤밍웨이, 악마를 만나다] 그리고 [더 하이크] 등의 책을 펴냈고, 2008년 마운틴뷰 센터에서 아서 밀러의 연극 [내 모든 아들들]을 연출한 바 있다. 콜버그는 또한 영화 배급사인 에센셜 엔터테인먼트와 영화제작사 에센셜 픽쳐스의 회장을 역임하고 있다.
: Julie W. Noll, Jim Kohlberg, Peter Newman, Greg Johnson
: J.K. Simmons, Julia Ormond
: Gwyn Lurie, Gary Marks
: Stephen Kazmierski
: Keith Reamer
: Paul Cantelon