영화음악의 거장들 - 조르쥬 들르뤼

In the Tracks of Georges Delerue

프랑스 | 2010 | 72min | HD | COLOR | Documentary


This film aims to revive the memory of this great composer from National Superior Conservatory of Paris for Music and Dance, who was driven by the music. Georges Delerue dedicated the major part of his art and of his work to the film score. He was the composer of more than 200 film scores. Very few composers expressed themselves like him through very different genders. He composed for the cinema new wave, Contempt by Jean-Luc Godard, Jules and Jim, Day for Night by François Truffaut, but also for the popular cinema of Philippe de Broca in That Man from Rio and Gerard Oury in The Sucker.

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파스칼 쾨노

TV전문 특수효과를 작업하면서 오디오 비주얼 경력을 쌓았다. 미술 감독으로 프랑스의 대표적인 영화 제작사 고몽의 다양한 광고 캠페인을 비롯한 기타 TV 광고와 특수 효과를 기획했다. 또한 [마리끌레르: 세잔 특별호], [엘르], [지오] 등의 유명 잡지에서도 여러 가지 프로젝트를 이끌었다.
: Pascale Cuenot, Rémy Boudet
: Pascale Cuenot, Rémy Boudet
: Pascale Berson-Lescuyer
: Anne-Laure François