시규어 로스 - 비뜨 스필룸 엔다뢰이스트

We Play Endlessly

영국 | 2009 | 35min | COLOR | Documentary


“Við Spilum Endalaust” is Icelandic for “We play endlessly”, and touring with the band feels exactly like that. After the epic that was Heima the band wanted something more intimate and more like a holiday home movie to record what it is to be Sigur Rós. Director Nicholas Abrahams decided to create a film poem, rather than a documentary, and decided to shoot on Super 8 film, later developing all the footage himself by hand, giving him the opportunity to mix in volcanic ashes from Iceland into the chemicals, to create the spontaneous textures and rhythms of the film that at all times threaten to destroy the image. What emerges is a dream of life on the road...

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니콜라스 아브라함스

각본가이자 감독인 니콜라스 아브라함스는 제레미 델러와 영국 밴드 디페쉬 모드의 팬들에 관한 장편 영화 <벽에서 뗀 포스터들>을 만들어 호평을 받았다. 매닉 스트리트 프리처스, 레프트필드, 스테레오랩, 코너샵 등 다양한 밴드의 뮤직비디오를 연출했다.
: John Best, Dean O’Connor
: Sigur Rós
: Nicholas Abrahams
: Nicholas Abrahams
: Sigur Rós