뉴욕의 남쪽

South of New York

이탈리아 | 2011 | 85min | HD | COLOR | Drama


Jenny is a former Broadway star looking to revive her career one last time. When her rich uncle dies, she goes to the south of Italy to claim her inheritance. In her quest for fame she decides to team up with the up and coming but shy young talent Carmelina who has plenty of dreams but has no means to realize them. They have both seen more than their fair share of misfortune and sorrow. Although they are both very different, together they help each other to overcome life’s obstacles and once again find happiness and love. Their complicity leads them to try the ‘American dream’ and makes them protagonist of hilarious gags and unexpected accidents.

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엘레나 보넬리

엘레나 보넬리는 이탈리아를 대표하는 가수이자 배우로, <Liza!!.? Napoli New York Andata e Ritorno>, <La Douce France di Juliette Greco>, <Napoli Na! La Canzone Napoletana dal 200 ad Oggi> 그리고 <Gran Galà della Canzone> 등 대중과 비평가 모두의 찬사를 받은 네 편의 뮤지컬 각본을 직접 쓰고 연출했다.
: Claudio Lido Orlandini
: Elena Bonelli, Carmen Napolitano
: Elena Bonelli
: Blasco Giurato
: Yuri Zarabini
: Sasà Flauto, Gianluca Buresta, Luca Napolitano