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Pablo Casals, a Musician in the World

| 2007 | 104min | COLOR | Documentary


The fact that Pablo Casals was the first one to let Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suites known to the world and he studied techniques to play the cello as an instrument for solo put him into the position of the greatest cellist in the world. Since he first started playing the cello at the age of 11, he spent 85 years always with the cello until he died at 96. He was not merely a cellist, but humanitarians who tried hard to bring peace and love to the world with his music. This film, as the first documentary about Pablo Casals, flawlessly shows his lifelong struggle for democracy and peace against Francisco Franco’s dictatorship as well as the world of his music.

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알랭 조미

촬영과 음악을 공부한 후 1963년에서 1975년 사이에 스물다섯 편의 단편영화를 감독했다. 그는 1977년 이후 200편이 넘는 TV 프로그램을 만들기도 했는데, 그 중 절반은 다큐멘터리이고 나머지는 클래식 및 전통 음악 프로그램이다.
: Laurent Gomes
: Jean Paul Rosa Da Costa