봄날은 간다

One Fine Spring Day

한국 | 2001 | 106min | 35mm | Color | Drama


sound engineer Sang-u lives together with his aunt, his grandmother who has dementia, and his father who became a widower at a young age. One day in winter, Sang-u meets Eun-su, who is a radio producer in a local broadcasting station. She plans to record sounds of nature itself and play the recordings on her radio program. Sang-u accompanies Eun-su on the recording trips, and they gradually grow closer to each other, and end up spending a night together in her apartment. Falling in love too easily, his feelings for her get deeper out of his control.

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1963년 전주 출생. 연세대 철학과를 졸업하고 영화아카데미에 입학하여 단편 〈 고철을 위하여 〉를 만들었다. 〈 8월의 크리스마스 〉로 데뷔하여 세련된 화법과 형식미로 신파조 멜로를 뛰어넘었다는 극찬을 받았다. < 봄날은 간다 >, < 외출 >, < 행복 >, < 호우시절 >, < 덕혜옹주 > 등의 연출작이 있다.
: Kim Sun-ah
: Yu Ji-tae, Lee Young-ae
: Cho Sung-woo