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I Am Not a Rock Star

| 2012 | 85min | Blu-ray | COLOR | Documentary


Shot over 8 years, I Am Not A Rock Star is a documentary shot in cinema verite style that follows the dramatic coming-of-age story of Canadian concert pianist Marika Bournaki. Uber-gifted Marika has been playing the piano like God since a very tender age, guided through the academic voyage by the firm hand of her father and teacher. This film sets about documenting a coming of age process from 12 to 20 that soon unravels unexpected circumstances, and the crude process of rupture in both family and professional spheres that explodes in a hurricane of teenage rage and angst about personal freedom. The film gives viewers a rare look inside the world of classical music. 

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바비 조 하트

국제 관계를 전공한 바비 조 하트는 감독, 제작자, 사진가, 작가 그리고 연구원 등 다양한 분야에서 활동하고 있다. 그녀는 여성 테니스 선수, 파키스탄의 간호사 그리고 우울증에 걸린 엄마 등 다양한 주제를 다룬 작품을 내놓고 있다.
: Robbie Hart
: Marika Bournaki, Pierre Bournaki
: Bobbi Jo Hart
: Bobbi Jo Hart
: Howard Goldberg
: Daniel Toussaint