엄마에게 바치는 노래

Sing Me the Songs That Say I Love You

| 2012 | 109min | DCP | COLOR | Documentary


In May 2011 family and friends gathered together to pay tribute to the late, great singer-songwriter Kate McGarrigle. This film is part concert, and partly an intimate look at a family coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. The film is a testament to Kate’s incredible songwriting, and the bond she shared not only with her children and sisters, but to all the people in the film who lovingly celebrate her life through her songs. Whilst the film deals with an absorbing experience about the healing power of music as a cathartic, celebratory life force. Joining Rufus and Martha Wainwright and the rest of the family are Norah Jones, Emmylou Harris, Antony, Teddy Thompson and Krystal Warren.

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리안 룬슨

오스트레일리아 출신의 리안 룬슨은 배우로 활동하다 로스앤젤레스로 이주하여 연출로 방향을 바꿨고, 미국에서 닐 영, 펄 잼, U2 등의 뮤직 비디오를 찍었다. 그녀는 2006년, 시드니에서 레너드 코엔의 헌정 공연을 담은 대표작 <레너드 코헨 아임 유어 맨>을 찍었는데, 이 작품은 토론토, 선댄스, 베를린영화제에 상영되기도 했다.
: Lian Lunson, Teddy Wainwright
: Rufus Wainwright, Martha Wainwright
: Lian Lunson
: Matt Egan
: Lian Lunson