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Woodstock: Now and Then

| 2009 | 87min | COLOR | Documentary


In the summer of 1969, on a farm about 90 miles north of New York City, over 500 thousand people gathered for a 3 days music festival that, in an instant, defined a generation – and changed popular culture forever. In 2009, Barbara Kopple seeks out the performers, the audience members who took part in the festival and the film crew who created a piece of work that would go down in music documentary history to reminisce in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock. Footage of the Woodstock and unforgettable episodes as well as the memories and flashbacks of values that youngsters aspired to at the time are laid out through the sharp observations of Barbara Kopple. 

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바바라 코플

바바라 코플은 <할란 카운티>와 <아메리칸 드림>으로 아카데미 상 다큐멘터리 부문에서 두 차례나 수상한 감독으로, 최근에는 극영화 <하복>을 연출하기도 했다. 노동, 전쟁, 에이즈, 여성과 같은 인권 문제와 락을 중심으로 한 음악을 다룬 많은 다큐멘터리와 TV 시리즈, 극영화를 제작하고 연출해 왔으며, 인권영화제 공로상과 선댄스영화제 심사위원상 등을 수상하기도 했다.
: Barbara Kopple, Suzanne Mitchell
: Martin Torgoff
: Hart perry
: Emir Lewis, Michael Culyba
: William Tzouris, Ryan Carroll, Giovanni di Simone