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16th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

3 Mile Limit
New Zealand | 2014 | 105min | Blu-ray | COLOR | Drama


It's 1965 and for 23 year-old Richard Davis, life is all about music and his beautiful wife Judy. Richard spends his days writing music reviews for the newspaper and his nights managing a band called 'The Yellow Sprockets'. His big dream is to bring rock n’ roll to the New Zealand public and break the government’s monopoly on state controlled broadcasting. Freedom of choice and freedom of speech push Richard to come up with a radical and cunning plan to anchor a boat off from Auckland in a triangle of international water. Based on an incredible true story, this David and Goliath epic struggle escalates into a titanic war between the government and a young generation.

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Craig Newland

Entering the film industry in 2001, Craig Newland decided to make a film based on the story of Radio Hauraki. After producing and directing a short film Radio Pirates in Brisbane(2008), he directed a full-length version of the same film. So 3 Mile Limit became his debut feature film. Craig is preparing for two other feature films: Frozen Moment and yet another untitled political drama set in 1970s New Zealand. Frozen Moment is planned to be filmed next year.
: Craig Newland
: Matt Whelan, Daniel Musgrove
: Andrew Gunn, Craig Newland
: Dj Stipsen
: Jonno Woodford-Robinson
: Tom McLeod
: John McKay

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